Automobile Dealerships

GLAS has designed a number of auto dealership facilities in the Eugene area. We have worked with automobile dealership corporate design documents to provide cost effective, buildable solutions that achieve corporate branding requirements while providing spaces that function well for the individual clients.

Kendall Auto Mall (Honda, Acura and Chevrolet)

Sheppard Volkswagen

Kendall Toyota

Kendall Subaru

Following is a listing of auto dealership projects designed by our firm:

Kendall Lexus

Kendall Ford

Sheppard Volkswagen

Kendall Chevrolet

Kendall Acura

Kendall Honda

Kendall Subaru

Kendall Toyota (LEED Platinum Certified)

Kendall Collision Center

Keifer Mazda*

Keifer Kia*

Kendall Hyundai*

*not constructed